KLASSE 1. Gypsy Cob

Good example of breed, leg in each corner. Well set neck on a lovely shoulder. Lovely amount of bone. Good quality feather. Well set tail. Excellent condition and a nice sweet head.

4. Linus


Eier: Anne Beate Andersen, Brumunddal

5. Aeryn


Eier: Ann-Cathrin Sved, Hønefoss

6. April


Stamme: e: Larkin, u: Wictoria Queen

8. Troika


Sweet mare, lovely head. Nicely marked, a little croup high. Balanced paces, lovely purposeful walk. Slightly upright in her shoulder. Would have liked her to be a little bit cleaner through the headset to the neck. Nice feather, matching the bone.

10. Fernando


Nice example of type, good quality limb, bone and feather. Lacked in condition and topline, no muscle definition. Very flat in his movement. Lacked in substance, needs more overall condition to the frame, needs some more weight. All limbs and no frame.