12. Chanel


Rase: Gypsy Cob

Stamme: e: ukjent, u: Tinky

Kjønn: Hoppe Født: 2011

Eier: Mari-Ann Herfindal, Kalandseidet

Oppdretter: Mari-Ann Herfindal

Mønstrer: Malene Hansen Eriksen (Juniormønstrer, 16 år)

Resultat: 8-6-6,5-6,5-6,5

Nice example of breed, however lacks in condition. Has no muscle tone. Coat is very dull and poor. Horse is very lethargic. Poor conformation, upright in her shoulder, slightly toed out on her front limbs and close through her hocks. With a good diet and fitness regime she will be stronger through her movement.