20. Carcary's Molly Malone of Chywoon (nr 2 i klassen)


Rase: Gypsy Cob

Stamme: e: Chywoon King William, u: Fagerheims Frk. Fryd

Kjønn: Hoppe Født: 2020

Eier: Camilla Carcary, Fredrikstad

Oppdretter: Camilla Carcary

Mønstrer: Ragnar Kjærnes

Resultat: 8,5-8,5-8,5-8-8,5

Good example of breed type, good solid frame. Well set shoulder, well set tail. Good amount of limb and bone, with quality feather. Nice active purposeful movement, lovely free moving walk. A little playful in her trot.