25. Nordmoens Viljar


Rase: Døl

Stamme: e: Vollaugs Sølve, u: Skrims Silvia

Kjønn: Vallak Født: 2018

Eier: Stine Haug, Svelvik

Oppdretter: Anne Lise Tandberg Lande

Mønstrer: Stine Haug

Resultat: 7-7-7,5-7,5-7,5

Nice mannerly gentleman, well behaved. Good condition, well set tail, good limb, clrean hocks. A little plain in the head. Strong shoulder, lacks in musckles in his chest, but still young. Pleasing walk and just showed enough in his movement and way of going. Would have liked to see a bit more purpose to his movements.